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Scenic Flights Departing Renmark (Book a seat)

Scenic Flights Departing Renmark (Book a seat)

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The Murray River is Australia's longest river spanning over 2500kms, water fills it from as far north as the central west of Queensland through the Murray Darling system and as far east as the snowy mountains.

We are lucky enough here in Renmark to have some of the most dramatic backgrounds to view the river against with our red desert cliffs and green orchards from the surrounding horticulture.

Seeing the Murray snake through the flood banks with 100ft river red gums lining the river's edge is something extremely unique.

We are lucky now in 2023 to have had a once-in-a-lifetime flood give much-needed areas of the river system an overdue drink, bringing life to plants and marine life.

Route Options:



- Renmark & Paringa townships

- The Ral Ral backwaters

- Headings Cliffs

- The Woolshed Brewery

- Lyrup flats and surrounding wetlands 

Berri township

 - Lake Bonney

 - Renmark speedway and bookmark creek


Important details:

- This booking is for 1 seat

- Departure location is the Renmark Aerodrome

- If your booking clashes with an existing booking we may need to change your time slot. Likewise, we may need to change the time of your booking due to aircraft movements.

- Within 2 - 3 days of your booking you will receive an email with a calendar invite with further details for your flight. Please wait for this to come through before any other questions :)

- Flights will go for 30mins depending on wind and weather.

Flying in either a Cessna 172 In your approx 30 minutes in the air, you'll see Renmark and the Riverland like never before.

If you are looking for dates not listed please contact Oliver on:

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All about your flight experience


Take off country style from the Renmark airport, flying north east over the township, along the river, keeping those iconic red cliffs to your right hand side. Get your cameras ready to snap shots of the Woolshed Brewery, Border Cliffs and all the flooded wetlands between.


- The plane you'll be flying in is a Cessna 17
- It can comfortably seat 3 people with a combined weight of 230kgs (not Including pilot)
- One person will sit in the cockpit next to the pilot, then others in the back.
- Communication between each other is done via intercom and head sets

-It is recommended that you are not hung over or dehydrated

- You can take photos whilst flying (No Aeroplane mode required)

Terms & Conditions


1) Minimum numbers of passengers (2 Passengers) apply on flights.

2) Conditions of Use: Flight Tours are subject to weather and safety conditions. Suitable for all ages. If you have trouble finding appropriate availability, please contact us directly.

3) No booking fees apply. Rates are inclusive of GST and are in Australian Dollars (AUD)

4) Further terms and conditions will be sent to upon booking.

Important plane things

We require each passengers details including (Name & Weight) 24hrs before the flight (If not complete we may not be able to fit you in the time slot booked)

When entering the airfield you are under the command of your pilot, what they say goes.

Please arrive at the Renmark Airport and be ready at least 10 minutes before your flight.

"I have lived in Renmark all my life, seeing it from above is an experience everyone should have!"

- Morgan (Renmark Local) -

Aircraft & Pilots

With more than 30 years experience flying, Ramair out of Mildura are our operating partners. Read more about the planes and pilots below

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