Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know

You have made it this far which means you are probably considering booking a scenic flight with us from Renmark! Please find below everything you need to know to prepare for your flight, and a contact number should your questions not be answered! 

As there aren’t any air charter operators based in Renmark we are working with Ramair and Wrightsair both are operators based in Mildura and William creek. 

General Info:

  • You'll be flying in a Cessna 172 or 210
  • Seats can be booked individually or you can book the whole plane
  • One person will sit in the cockpit next to the pilot, then the rest in available seats in the back
  • Communication between each other is done via intercom and head sets
  • In the summer morning flights are the smoothest 
  • Prepare for midday flights to be a little bumpier and fairly warm
  • It is recommended that you are not hung over or dehydrated
  • It is best to have a single person as point of contact for each booking
  • You can take photos whilst flying (No Aeroplane mode required)



  • We require each passenger's details including (Name, Height, and Weight) 24hrs before the flight. Please note that if this is not complete, we may not be able to fit you in the time slot booked.
  • When entering the airfield you are under the command of your pilot, what they say goes.
  • Please arrive at the Renmark Airport and be ready at least 10 minutes before your flight. See location below:


If you have any further questions, give me a call and I can share more detail - Call Oliver Du Rieu on 0436 486 007

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