Update from Renmark Jan 9th 2023

Update from Renmark Jan 9th 2023

It has been a very busy little airport out at Renmark the past two weeks. I was on the taxi way the other day and counted 5 aircraft parked up, 3 on the taxi ways and 3 in the circuit area. All really good signs that both locals and tourists are excited to get out and see the awesome flood waters.

Please see the below video for an update from the Renmark Airport:


Our flights together with Wrightsair have been very successful, now with the ability to have the bigger 14 seat caravan at Renmark gives us more flexibility to take the larger grounds and also beat those hot days.

Tyler our pilot who has been based out of Renmark these past two weeks has taken to the local area really well and now after dealing with a few hundred passengers he has gained quite a bit of knowledge of some of our more notable local landmarks and points of interest. Thank you to all the locals who have been helping to point out these parts of the area.

On Sunday myself and a couple of my good friends did our annual trip up the Darling in my Cessna. We were all blown away by all of the water still to come down the Darlin system and how wide spread it is around Menindee and Pooncarie.


Lake Menindee Regulator 2023

**Menindee regulator

Wentworth Junction January 2023

**Wentworth Junction

As a result of the weekends adventures I think we should put together a trip up the Darlin to see the water as it comes down. Expressions of interest are open for this trip so please email oliver@countryaviation.com.au if you are keen.

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