Flights departing Renmark daily from the 28th of December

Flights departing Renmark daily from the 28th of December

After fully booking out our first weekend the 16th, 17th and 18th of December and our second weekend the 6th, 7th and 8th of January we are excited to now offer scenic flights every day from the Renmark Airport.

As explained in the video above the idea for Country Aviation has been floating around for a couple years now but never has the timing and logistics quite lined up.

Country Aviation backstory & Wrightsair

In October/November I was getting quite a lot of phone calls and emails from locals asking if I could take them up for a look over the incoming flood waters. I also had an increasing amount of suggestions saying that I should get some flights going for the summer. It is something I have always wanted to do but until now I hadn't found a good enough reason.

Things started unfolding pretty quickly and more and more interest started brewing up as the water flowed in, so I had to do something. We have been working with Ramair from Mildura to set up our first couple weekends of flights, but due to their massive amount of demand from locals across the border they couldn't keep up with our demand (A good problem to have). When we heard from Wrightsair they were interested in coming to Renmark to help get people up for a look we were very excited. Wrightsair are one of the most experienced scenic flight air operators in the country and have been doing great work for 30 years. I met Matthew their chief-pilot at the Coober Pedy airport a year or so ago and he got me out of trouble with a faulty fuel bowser.

Wrightsair will have their Cessna 210 and pilot Tyler based in Renmark from the 28th of December flying every day for the foreseeable future. Tyler is an experienced Cessna pilot and used to fly for Virgin Australia before COVID.


The Route

Like our first weekend’s route we will be following a similar track upstream from Renmark to see the floodwaters as they surround the town and then on to Lake Victoria.

Renmark Scenic Flight Route


Taking off from Renmark we will fly up stream over the township, make a left turn up whirlpool straight and onto heading cliffs. Then once we have flown over the brewery you will see the Chowilla Vineyard on your left hand side as we continue on to Nelwood.

Depending on the wind we will head up to Lindsay point island and near Lake Victoria to see the Rufus River. Near lock 7 we turn and follow the river back towards Renmark over flying the Paringa Bridge to come back to land.


Times & Tickets

The flights will go for approximately 40 minutes and will depart at the ticket time which you will have in your emails both upon booking and sent via a calendar link.

The time you need to prepare for is the ticketed time on the attached PDF found in the example below:

 Booking confirmation country aviation wrightsair


What to bring

As well as a good attitude please arrive at your check in time so you can meet and greet your pilot, go to the toilet and make sure you have everything. You will want to bring with your fully charged camera, take any motion sickness tablets prior to the flight if you think you'll need them and be plenty hydrated before arriving.


Where to meet

When you drive to the end of Airport Road in Renmark as illustrated below:

Getting to the Renmark Airport

You will come to a fence and a carpark. You will see the runway on your left hand side and a brick building on your right. The brick building has a toilet inside and air-conditioner if you wish to wait there. Please message or call Oliver on (0436486007) for the code to get in.

The below image shows the entrance gate circled in GREEN and the toilet block/ waiting room in BLUE.

Renmark Airport


 Any questions or further information please call Oliver 0436 486 007


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